Multi tool was designed in Illustrator, and laser cut from high density foam. Pieces were then painted and assembled.

The main part of the chair was made from shredding 2 corks, mixing with epoxy, and spreading in a thin a layer, then cutting into strips. A dye was added to epoxy and used to adhere the strips together, this was done to enhance the visibility of the pattern. The wire bottom is wire from one of the original corks.

These glasses were made by laminating sheets of paper together, cutting and sanding desired design, adhereing ear pieces to the frame, and spray painting.

These pliers were designed with Range Rover brand aesthetics in mind. Blue foam models helped determine what form for the grip felt most comfortable in a hand. Actual product would include a spring, rotating handle, and insulated grips.

Cleat sole was drawn in Rhino and 3D printed.